A Skeptical Layman’s Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming by Warren Meyer PDF

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The first is that the oceans ran out of CO2 at some point. But that makes no sense. We know that the oceans have far more CO2 than could ever be liberated entirely to the atmosphere today, and besides, the record above seems to claim that CO2 in the atmosphere never really got above there it was say in 1880. The second suggestion is based on the diminishing return relationship of CO2 to temperature. At some point, as I have emphasized many times, CO2’s ability to absorb infrared energy is saturated, and incremental quantities have little effect.

I don't know, and there are some issues one has to be careful with on this chart. 25% – the scaling makes it look more dramatic. 17%, so an argument can be made that on a percentage basis, this change in irradiance is about the same order of magnitude as our change in temperature. 06%. 0 Warren Meyer The chart on the above left compares the recent temperature anomaly to solar irradiance, while the chart on the right compares it to CO2 concentrations. Neither is a beautiful fit (and one may have to include aerosols in either scenario to account for 1970’s cooling) but solar irradiance seems at least as good as that of CO2.

The basis for this view is that variations in the receipt of solar activity are too small to account for variations in the climatic responses. These variations were determined from satellite and other observations. What the IPCC scientists failed to appreciate is that changes in the level of solar radiation received on earth are amenable to precise calculation. The variations are well in excess of the IPCC value of +0,3 Wm–2 quoted earlier. One of the interesting things about solar output is that, if it is really higher, we should see effects on other planets, not just on Earth.

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